Two teens with a dream and a few dollars is all it took. Add that with the creativity and drive to do something they would have never thought was possible. 

The goal was never to make money we thrive off of our passion for clothing and design and bring it to the public. We wanted to prove to everyone who ever once doubted us that we could create something great, and we did.

We strive to be something more than just a clothing company, and we've stuck to that ideal from the very beginning. Customers have told us stories about times where they have seen another person wearing our clothing and went up to talk to them about it. This is what we mean when we say, "more than just a clothing company" we're here to create community, connections, and so much more. 

This journey for us has just started, but it's not ending anytime soon. We hope you could join us along the way at some point, welcome to our page, we are